How to Throw a Sober Party

I decided to stop drinking four months ago to see how my life would shake down. This began my journey into sober living in Brooklyn. If you want to have a unique birthday party, take a look at what one-time events are going on in your local area. There may be a festival, concert, or limited display at a museum or art gallery that piques your interest. It will make your special birthday occasion even more unforgettable. Like an adult slumber party or board game night, a laser tag or paintball party will surely unleash your inner kid.

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  • It’s sometimes a good idea to remind yourself why you’re at a party and putting yourself in the situation of being around a lot of people drinking and getting messed up.
  • I had many different groups of friends and when I wanted to do something, I would go down the list and call each one until someone agreed to hang out with me.
  • Additionally, your health-conscious friends who are not sober may appreciate a makeshift juice bar as a refreshing alternative to alcohol.
  • This means that by only inviting positive people who support your recovery, you’ll be able to create a fun and stress-free environment.
  • This holiday, a new kind of party is taking shape in wellness circles—one where there’s still plenty of mind alteration going down, but the only thing getting lit is a palo santo stick.
  • This person can help you feel connected, even when you find yourself in a room full of others who are drinking.

You’ve got enough money as a celebrity, and your house is gorgeous, so stay in there. But most of the gossip on your show doesn’t come from things you’ve personally observed. So help me understand the distinction you’re making. Men, women, children, your dog, let’s go. But the cracks started to show when my drinking and drug use became excessive. Once I started to become a regular at the emergency department of the local hospital because of drug overdoses and alcohol-related trauma, I decided I needed to change my lifestyle.

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Volunteer at Recovery Centers or Events

There was a time when you only attended a party because it was an opportunity to drink or use drugs. Now that you’re in recovery, you realize there are plenty of other ways to enjoy yourself at a party. When people think of a house party, alcohol usually comes to mind, so switching up the environment may help downplay the “sober” aspect of the party for people who are triggered by the setting. Drinks that closely mimic the real thing, like non-alcoholic beer or non-alcoholic spirits, may make those guests uncomfortable. Stick to festive beverages instead that are still fun and delicious and won’t jeopardize a recovery journey. New friends you know who are sober will appreciate an invite, as will a group of friends who support your decision to host an alcohol-free night.

Contact Asheville Recovery Center

Tell me something outrageous that you’ve never talked about in public before. Where do you think you stand in the pantheon of talk-show hosts? I was talking to Irv Gotti8 last night on the phone. He Sober House called me “Oprah for our generation.” So where do I see myself fitting? Does the intensity of the tabloids’ attention have something to do with the tables-have-been-turned aspect of your story?

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  • You’re not doomed to a social season full of mulled wine and bad decisions—just host a high-vibe party yourself.
  • I woke up early and had energy and enthusiasm, but no place to put it.
  • Tell them that you can’t drink, and enlist them as bodyguard.
  • All of my friends were still sleeping off their hangovers by the time I’d had breakfast, read the paper and written an article.
  • Before sending out invites for your sober party, take a moment to reflect and commend yourself for taking steps toward branching out and socializing without the need for drinks or drugs.

There is an important note here if you’re inviting anyone who has struggled with alcohol addiction or spent time in an alcohol rehab program. Here are the top ten best ways to throw a sober party. When you find the answer, please tell me.

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Because I’m in the center of town and had been spending weekends getting wrecked with my friends for years, my house had become the go-to for pre-drinks and after-parties. I had people texting me for weeks, months, and even a year after I had been sober to ask if they could come around. Tell friends and your sponsor where you will be, what time you are going, and when you will be home. Remember that you have people who care about you now and want you to stay sober. When you start acting like you can be trusted you can start trusting yourself. As Spring approaches, now is the ideal time to get your hands dirty and breathe in the fresh air.

Now you can be at a party and not worry about losing control and embarrassing yourself. No more slurring your words and horrible, remorseful hangovers. This is a new era in your life filled with light and promise. And, when it is time to go, you can pick up your keys, walk to your car without stumbling, and drive yourself home. Be grateful you have been given the chance to become the best person you can be.

I was concerned based on what was going on around me. I knew what was about to happen, and I was like, Let me go someplace where you’re not allowed to have the whole bottle of wine. Cocaine has been off my map for years.6 I don’t take pills. When you see your husband’s mistress with a burgeoning belly and you’re a blabbermouth on TV with a successful show, you know what’s about to happen.

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